My name is Nia Jones,

I completed a post graduate degree in Speech and Language Therapy at City University in London in 2006. I also have a BA (Hons) in music and drama from Brunel University. My music and drama background allow me to use a variety of ways to communicate with children and we use music and drama as a form of expression to enhance communication. 

I have experience working as a speech and language therapist on the Child and Adolescent Mental Health team (CAMHS) team in Dublin for 5 years. I have also provided independent speech and language therapy to children and families. As part of the CAMHS team my role was to assess and provide therapy to children and teenagers who presented with speech and language difficulties in the context of emotional and behavioural difficulties.

I believe that children who present with difficult behaviour, poor listening and attention skills or emotional outbursts often experience a range of speech and language difficulties that are missed or not understood. Also, I believe that every child should be given the opportunity to understand the world and language around them and I understand the frustrations a child experiences when they are not understood.

I think it is vital to work not only with the child but also their family, school and other professionals to ensure that a child is supported in all areas of their life. I can provide assessment and therapy for the child as well as advice, support and groups for parents.​


IT'S A FACT: More than half of children in deprived areas have speech, language and communication needs.